Happy International Women’s Day! To celebrate, I wanted to let all of my feminists and fans of equality out there know where the inspiration of our band name came from. I’ve always been fascinated with the Salem Witch Trials and the idea that has been ingrained in our culture that all witches are ugly old women who conduct black magic and are therefore seen as evil beings. But I’ve always known better. In my eyes, the witch trials were just another result of the oppression of women. The siren is based off of Homer’s The Odyssey…a representation of women in mythology who had the power to lure men from their boats with their seductive birdsong. The men were never able to get off of the island of the sirens and return to their wives and children. The sirens’ power and sexual prowess was seen as evil and the man could not be blamed for cheating on his wife. Throughout history, power has been seen as an admirable/desirable trait in a man, but women of power have often been depicted as treacherous, villainous creatures. Most stories throughout time have always focused on the great and daring journey of the man.


We need more stories about the great and daring journey of the woman and equality. Damn the Witch Siren is about women being powerful, good, feminine, free, sexy without being objectified, powerful without being a villain, and our siren songs heard.