Hello friends. Thanks for taking a look around. We're very excited to have our own website, and particularly our own blog, because let's face it, Facebook is not exactly a conducive place to share your art. 

Nothing against Facebook, of course, but posting your new song that you're hoping will get people to move a little or maybe feel something in between a bunch of wedding pictures and sports rants makes things feel a bit cheap. So we needed our own home on the web, and here it is. Bobbi and I will both be blogging regularly so please stop by often.

We have a whole lot on our plate right now. We'll be releasing our new EP 'Superdelicious' on May 30th. We're also wrapping up production on the music video for our single 'Pearls and Lace'. Here's a still:


 ...Just so you know, from now on we'll be posting everything here first. I'll also be using the blog to share lots of nerdisms: rants, album reviews, music tech, etc. This is going to be fun. Thanks for your support.


Z Wolf