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Damn the Witch Siren Claps Back With New Single ‘Big Mouth’

The latest single from Damn the Witch Siren, their third release in as many months, opens with an ominous drone and vocalist Bobbi Kitten’s diabolical, mocking laughter. The noise crescendos to an abrupt end with the sound of glass shattering and a man screaming “shut up”. It sets the stage for a scene every woman alive is likely familiar with- being vilified for opening your mouth.

From Mary Magdalene to Marie Antoinette to Marilyn Monroe, the story has never changed. Women, especially those in positions of power, make men uncomfortable. “Big Mouth” is destined to do the same as Bobbi chides, sneers and wails her way through three minutes of throbbing beats and brass blasts, taking aim at anyone and everyone who ever told her she had nothing to say, or that women aren’t as rock n’ roll as men.

Feminism has proved to be a focal point and a source of contention for the band. Following the release of their full-length album Red Magic in 2018, which featured Bobbi topless and covered in glitter on the album cover, the band received numerous snarky comments and finger-wags from the community, as well as being forced to cover Bobbi’s breast in order for the album to be accepted to streaming services. They decided to play ball by placing text over her forbidden flesh that reads “PARENTAL ADVISORY / FREE THE NIPPLE”.

The duo have found this to be something of a theme from the start, as they have dealt with online comments sexualizing Bobbi, sexist booking agents trying to muscle them out of time slots, members of established touring acts trying to slide into her DM’s, and audience members assuming that Z Wolf is the sole producer, musician and songwriter for the group, even though they just finished watching Bobbi sing and play keyboard, guitar, and drums. The list goes on.

Big Mouth arrives in a timely fashion, however, right at the end of the last decade of men, and the beginning of the Age of Women. Listen to it here before its release on March 29th.

Damn the Witch Siren is the premiere electronic act in Columbus, Ohio. Dubbing their music “Witch Rock”, the duo has made a name for themselves with their catchy, clubby music and their wild live performances that showcase Bobbi Kitten’s sultry prowess as a front woman. Their live show is a hybrid of pop and punk rock with synchronized lights and fog machines while the duo frantically pound multiple instruments and layer lush synth-scapes on top of one another. 

In February of 2018, they released their full-length album Red Magic, which was their best received and most cohesive album yet. It’s a concept album about feminism, sex, lust, love, setting fire to the patriarchy, and Bobbi’s journey of self-discovery and owning her sexuality. 

They recently went on a 15-date tour of the midwest and east coast and have been booking frequent shows throughout the region the past year. In 2019 they will release a number of singles and embark on a 58-date tour.